The good fortune to be welcomed in a Chateau home.

Soon our chateau home, which was once a fortified caste, will have been in existence for a thousand years, and it has always been in my family. I invite you. I will be happy to welcome you there and to give you an authentic experience of chateau life. You will be welcome as a friend and you will feel at home in my home!

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Is Canisy the castle of your dreams?

The dream of a chateau is universal. A beautiful, authentic castle, with towers, moats, parapets, and unexpected spaces, takes us back to our childhood fantasies, filled with fairies and sorcerers, magicians and ghosts, knights and nobles.
If you only tour a castle you see it as a museum, frozen in the past. A castle might be turned into a hotel, but then it inevitably becomes more hotel than castle.
To be the chateau of our dreams, it must remain a family castle, connected to the generations who built it, transformed it, lived in it, loved it, and passed it on. The chateau must have kept its furniture, tapestries, portraits of ancestors, librairies, old table-ware, and of course, ghosts... Canisy is all of this, since it has been in my family for a thousand years.

Canisy is located in the Cotentin peninsula of Normandy, near D-Day invasion beaches, and Mont Saint Michel, thus not far from Brittany. This is the fantastic land of Barbey d'Aurevilly and homeland of Alexis de Tocqueville. Lost in the vast park and in its forest and farm land of 300 hectares, bordered by a romantic pond, the robust medieval tower proudly rise from n architectural ensemble humanized in the Renaissance. Canisy is a reflection of so many centuries, and been passed down in the family from generation to generation, and now to me. I became the proprietor following my father, almost thirty years ago.
With the help of my wife Marie-Christine, of some family members, and of many friends, we've worked hard to adapt the castle to today's world, to transform it into this elegant and welcoming place where so many people from all over the world love to com to be restored, to share moments of friendship, laughter, exchange of ideas, music and celebrations, and sometimes also to do some intense work in solitude.


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