Ode to Canisy – By John E. Bryan

I love in France to be, especially Normandy
It teems with history, which everywhere abounds
Invasion beaches, Bayeux tapestry, Mont St. Michel
Castles, Chateaux are some things I now love so well.
But one place outshines them all, the Chateau of Canisy.

A tempest came and laid low, majestic trees that did surround
This chateau near Saint Lo. Chestnuts, Oaks, Beeches, Limes and Pines
To name a few, were felled, and grounds once well forested
Were no more. What could we do? Simple really, just start anew,
Which exactly is what the owner wished to do, create a grand new Park at Canisy.

But opportunity thus presented, and ravaged land though unintended,
Could be transformed, if rightly and well tended, the park again could be
A sanctuary of great beauty. Was this perhaps what god intended when he loosed
His winds, so unexpected? Who can tell, not for us on such to dwell
But rather work and create, a grate fine Park at Canisy.

I had this chance, while unexpected, to create and ameliorate, this grand Park of Canisy,
And its fun for me to work with the Count of Canisy, I must admit,
His thoughts and wishes do me inspire, and I interpret to make sure harmony,
Of trees and shrubs in great array, give color so every day there is something new,
In this great Park of Canisy

I would be amiss if I did not write, about the Chateau which,
Dates back to the 11th Century. It is a home, with tapestries and antiques but
I am please to say, plumbing that is up to date. Christian a chef most worthy
Creates dishes heavenly, look after all gastronomic needs, and such are always
Well-presented, served at table, adorned with silver and fine plate, Bon Appetite!

The staff is very fine, Marguerite, a particular friend of mine makes coffee very strong,
Hubert Poisson always charming, Patric, Sebastian, Jean-François & Xavier the guardian
All contribute that is certain to the charm of this favourite place of mine.
They all too wish to see the Park created, but time indeed id needed
For the beauty of the Park to be completely unfolded

Perhaps no more need to be said, just why I love this place in Normandy,
Full of history, that little else is really needed but delay not & I hope you’re ready
To be regaled by all that’s fine, courtly and understated dignity, for this is Canisy.
If indeed you are like me, I hope you will soon see this great place in Normandy,
Where in such a little time, again there be, a Great Grand Park of Canisy